Portsmouth City Goals

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 Joint city council and school board meetings 1 per quarter and open to the general public and televised.

     Funding for a variety of Vocational and CTE educational programs.

     Funding for resources to enhance existing education programs (STEM, College First, etc...) and creating new ones (Inter-Baccalaureate Program).

     Creation of a Joint vision plan with timelines and benchmarks on Education between city-council and school board with the citizens' input. 

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     Create or strengthen a citizen advisory board/commission 

appointed by the city council to include community representation chosen by their respected Civic League/Neighborhood Watch.

     Fund necessary resources that both fire/police needs to keep our communities safe.

     Competitive benefits and pay plan scales for public safety.

     Become serious about fully staffing our public safety positions.

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Flexible Payment Planning


     Development of a vision and plan with citizen input for an entertainment district.

     Create a competitive growth economic plan for across the city that encompasses all communities.

     Create a fiscally responsible budget that reflects real economic growth.

     Find ways to lower taxes and red tape bureaucracy on our small business and homeowners.

     Create an efficient and responsive city government that is responsive to the needs of its citizens.

Ready to A.C.T.


Accountable to those in which they serve. There are many ways elected representatives can be accountable. First, they are supposed to keep their promises. As your elected representative, I have done just that. Eight years ago, as I stood in front of your civic leagues, I promised to keep you informed and come back to visit regularly. Over the past eight years and several hundreds of hours later, I have visited your civic leagues and listened to you. I have created surveys asking for your input and asking you to rate how well I am serving you. I have made myself available to you as your elected representative. As your city council member, I will continue to come and ask for input and your thoughts. I will continue to be your voice as well as your vote. I have been the only candidate and elected representative to have done this consistently. 


Consistency is an important characteristic. An elected representative must be consistent in what they say and do. As your elected school board member, I have done just that. If I told you that I would vote a certain way, that is exactly what I have done every single time. If I said that I would help promote PTA membership, I did that just that by door knocking to gain new members. I have pushed for more CTE offerings and want to bring even more to our school division. I said I would protect the classroom by voting against budgets that did not do that. You can expect the same kind of consistency as your elected city council representative.


Transparency is a must for anyone, especially for elected representatives. I have been transparent in representing you. Besides meeting with you at civic leagues, I have held "coffee chats" on different education topics as well as listen to your needs. I have also engaged with you through social media, email, and other ways to communicate. I will make you another promise. I will continue to be as transparent with you as your elected city council representative.